Who we are

It requires knowledge to simplify without oversimplifying. That is why we also focus on the sectors and industries in which we ourselves are specialists: Infrastructure, life science, education, foundations & research and business services.

Basic narrative

What we touch, do and say is about substance and respect.

Substance is our focus on the concrete difference that companies create with their business – for people and society. We believe that actions and concrete efforts are the strongest communication about what we are and what we want in daily operations, in the big change or in interaction with stakeholders and customers. Respect is about the big picture: Together with our customers, we jointly promote a free, sustainable and socially responsible world based on democratic, Western values.

Schultz J & Goll contributes to measurable solutions and changes by advising and assisting companies, organizations and the public sector in developing communication and actions that promote real solutions to complex issues. The right communication motivates people to reach further than they themselves thought possible.

We assist our clients in achieving ambitious goals by being the communications house that best understands companies’ business, managers’ room for action, organizations’ driving force, the logic of the media and society’s political processes.

We believe that multiple points of view create better solutions. We believe in duplicity, the many perspectives and high ceilings – and we are quite sure that power turns into impotence and counter-pressure if it is only unfolded in closed spaces with the fixed crowd of established players. Schultz J & Goll is a communication house for the positive, constructive power that is drawn out of closed spaces and involves those who can and must find joint solutions.

We make a living by bringing actors together and finding new paths where others see conflicts and dead ends. When the financial interests of companies collide with the wider community, when the gears grind and do not take hold, we help to find joint solutions. With substance – and respect.

The modern, global, high-tech information society also needs a sustainable watering can. This is why we exist.

We create change by bringing companies together, moving communities and motivating people.

To work with us

Are you curious, ambitious – and realistic?

Then you might fit into the team. We work for a large number of exciting clients in both Denmark and abroad – and it works always about substance. About finding the right solutions with professional communication tools in almost always about worked with analysis, strategy and execution. We work in teams and together the nose dedication to clear processes that manages our deliveries and the customer through complekse challenges and can therefore create decisive results.

Become part of the team

We take your learning and development right seriously. You get to try your hand at serious projects from the start – but there is with a team behind you. We have training courses and joint training sessions.

And vi is a community with lots of social activities, from book club to Friday bar, and football too fest isand evenings on the town also common trips abroad when we see fit , at we have earned it. After all: We work to live .

We are not so concerned about your education, but you have one, and it must come from the university or a higher education institution. The crucial thing is that you have a focus on business, politics or the media.

And again – that you are both caring. Kindness usually also to work, we think. We are not the same and love diversity. it only requires space and respect. We have that here, but we have bullying zero room for .

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